Exempt and Complying Development eModule launched: MWa and NSW Dept of Planning

Exempt and Complying Development eModule launched: MWa and NSW Dept of Planning

In December 2017, the NSW Dept of Planning launched a new eModule, an online education program to provide useful information on EXEMPT  Development (no planning or building approval) and COMPLYING Development (a fast track approval), suitable for new homes and residential alterations and additions throughout NSW.

Since the re-launch of codes as The Simplified Housing Code in July 2017, MWa have become the “face” of the Department’s promotions, with all the imagery used throughout the module being Michelle’s own home (and family) – a renovation undertaken as a Complying Development in a bush fire area.

MWa have successfully navigated the approvals for new homes and residential alteration and additions using both EXEMPT and COMPLYING development, since the Codes were introduced in 2008.

Examples include:

  • significant internal and external alterations in Mosman.  YES, Mosman.  It remains one of a very few areas throughout NSW to still be exempt from Part 3 of the General Housing Code.  However, Part 4 Housing Alterations Code can still apply to sites in Mosman.  Hence we have undertaken four renovations in Mosman using these codes.
  • new two storey home with five bedrooms and a pool
  • upper floor addition in bush fire prone land
  • new outdoor living pavilion
  • interior and exterior renovations to the rear of a dwelling in a heritage conservation area.

The benefits of using NSW Exempt and Complying Development legislation are savings in time and money.

For our clients, on the north shore and northern beaches of Sydney, the savings can be around $25,000 and at last six months in time.

Contact MWa if you are contemplating a new build or renovation, and need a feasibility assessment of your site and home in relation to NSW Exempt and Complying Development Codes.

You may be surprised.

Mobile 0421 088 110.

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