Here’s a photograph of me in my favourite place.  (The photo is taken by my friend and neighbour, Marion Wheeler @marionwheelerphoto)

It’s my bedroom and temporary-post-covid-office, and it brings me pleasure every day to use it and be in it, almost all the time of the day and night right now!

What makes it so good and so satisfying?

The room is a soothing place, which feels and looks just right.  It’s generous and well proportioned.  It’s calm.  It’s uncluttered.  And if feels comfortable and pleasant.

Funtionally, the room does many things.  It has a long stone ledge built in across the width of the room, a large picture window, a fireplace, a built in bookshelf, a favourite chair, a soft rug, a place to hang artwork.  And a comfy king bed and a very well used desk.

Spatially, the bedroom opens out onto a private outdoor room, so the room expands, and offers me views when I want them; to the sky, to the porch, the front garden, the front gate and the street.

In terms of amenity and comfort, it has a sliding door to close off noise from the robe and bathroom, and the rest of the noisy family house.  The room can be made dark for sleeping, with internal and external blinds.  It’s private, as the windows are strategically placed to make sure no one sees in while driving down the street, even if all the shutters are open and the blinds are up.  It has louvre windows placed on two sides of the room and a sliding door to the porch on the third side, to capture the predominant south westerly breezes.  And the windows and door have flyscreens, to keep the files and mozzies out.  It has a fireplace for coziness and warmth, and a huge ceiling fan for coolth.

Physically, the room has satisfying and textural materials – oak floor, hardwood expressed beams, white ceiling lining boards, a textured cement render finish to the fireplace.  The internal timbers and stone match the external materials of the home.

Visually, it looks looks right to me, which is incredibly important to my optimum wellbeing, as a predominantly visual person.  The room has some drama, with the dark expressed beams, a vertical masonry chimney breast, a horizontal stone clad ledge, all of which is highlighted at night with lighting.

The room is operable and responsive to changes of use,  the time of day, the weather and the seasons.

I love it and I count myself so lucky to have been able to create this space for myself.  To make this place.

So, all this in one room?

A bedroom is not just a rectangle on a plan.

A good room requires consideration and care in its design.

A good room can be a great place.

What’s your favourite place at your home?

Where do you feel the most at home?

What is that feeling like?

If you don’t yet have a place that feels right, what needs to be done to get there and what’s it worth?

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