Collaboration & Vision: Three Years in the Making


Collaboration & Vision: Three Years in the Making. Working with MWa.

We are delighted to show off a drone video of a current MWa project.  Three years in the making and it’s almost finished.

The project is a family of new agricultural buildings, set into the established landscape of a semi-rural site on Sydney’s northern beaches.

The new buildings are overlooked by an existing dwelling and surrounded by grazing horses, some sheep and an ostentation of peacocks.

The works include internal renovations to the existing family home including a newly located kitchen, with new windows overlooking the site and the new buildings.   The house is also gaining a new outdoor pavilion for outdoor living and a pool renovation.  Still to be completed – the exterior painting of the existing house and the landscaping.

The drone video was commissioned by the roofing company – Bailey Metal Roofing and sent to us from the builder, James Tulloch of JTB Building.

We know it’s special when a sub contractor is proud enough to make a video of their good work!

The agricultural buildings are clad with a structurally insulated panel by Arcpanel used for the walls and the roofing, to ensure the buildings perform well thermally and remain predominantly cool in the summer months.

Collaboration and Vision are the reason behind this project’s success, and are at the heart of how we work at MWa.

Collaboration with the client, who from the outset was committed to finding the right solution for the buildings in the landscape, making sure the new buildings were going to enhance the site, and not detract.  The client who was consistent in their decision making, based on design quality and building craft.

Collaboration with the design consultants such as Peninsula Consulting Engineers  as the structural engineer, to develop the steel portal frame system with metal boxspan  as secondary framing, to support the arcpanel.

Collaboration with the suppliers Arcpanel, to resolve the details on how to use of the panels as walling, for which there were no standard manufacture’s installation details.

Collaboration with the builder, James Tulloch of JTB Building, whose dedication to the pursuit of quality and details has been meticulous and thorough.  With his guidance and collaboration with the sub contractors, such as Bailey Metal Roofing, and the other trades – earthmoving, concrete, steel fabricators, windows & doors, electrical, plumbing, carpentry, painting, joinery – the agricultural buildings have come together as beautiful and elegant structures.

And VISION.  Behind the collaboration, providing leadership and direction, the vision has been clear.

MWa’s design approach = Collaboration and Vision.


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