SOLAR: Integrated Solar Panels with Nulok Roofing

SOLAR: Integrated Solar Panels with Nulok Roofing. 

Just imagine you took the chance to put your energy future into your own hands.

Every prospective client we talk to at MWa is keen to update the thermal comfort of their home.  Every prospective client we have talked to in the past year is also keen to know more about the advantages of renewable energy systems with the aim to reduce power consumption at the same time, and in particular, solar photovoltaics or solar panels.

With good reason. Sufficient sunlight falls on Sydney (on the average of annual 5.1 kilowatt peak) to provide enough energy for our needs. Solar panels are therefore a great way to protect the environment while reducing electricity costs.

As a qualified SustainAbility Design Specialist [SDS] we couldn’t be happier to see the first integrated solar panels built into our recent project in Fairlight.

Yes, we have done some research and No, Tesla tiles are not available yet – although everyone is asking about them.

However, hats off to our clients for this project, who have been forward thinking enough to “future proof their home” with a NULOK 5 kW PV system with 100 integrated solar panels, nicely disguised with a seamless integration into their new upper floor roof.

integrated solar panels


The Nulok solar roofing inserts convert light directly into electricity, without generating any waste or harmful greenhouse gases, saving approximately 450kg of carbon dioxide emissions per year for each kW (Kilowatt) peak installed.

Nulok is the only roofing system with Nulok Solar Inserts that integrate alongside the tiles making the installation invisible from the ground. This unique system ensures that the roofline remains clean unlike many other solar panels that are attached to the actual roof ’s surface. The Nu-Lok system also uses less tiles per square metre which means less weight.

While renovating, the cabling for future battery connection has been included, and we have considered provision for the charging of an electric car in the garage.

Find out more about Nu-lok Solar Inserts.

Find out more about the financial benefits.

Find out more: contact MWa on 0421 088 110.

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