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Design to improve your home and your family life.

MWa specialise in residential architecture, interiors and outdoor living.

We also specialise in residential clients.

All the homes we work on are owned by families, looking to improve their home and as a result, their family life.

Our homes are our sanctuary, our shelter, our places of rest and the incubators of family life.

Our environment and our homes do have a significant impact on the comfort and amenity of our daily lives.

Take a look at our portfolio of projects, for inspirations about how good a home can be.

Please read our client testimonials to understand how positive a renovation journey can be.


So, if you have a house which is not yet a true home, we can help.


As everyone seems so crazy busy, SATURDAY ON-SITE CONSULTATIONS AVAILABLE from MARCH 31ST 2019.  $400+GST 

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What is an On-site Initial Consultation:

An initial consultation is a 1 to 2 hour meeting to discuss any aspect of your project that you need to discuss.

It’s  an active consultation session which provides advice based on years of local experience.

It can include design, planning, tendering, builder selection, building contracts, design consultants, specialist sub contractors, local suppliers, costs, program and relationships.

It’s also the first opportunity to find out about your objectives and ideas, your brief and initial budget expectations, and for us to see your home and site, and start evaluating the possibilities with you.

Useful information to have at hand is:

  • any site and block information
  • your brief
  • photos of the things you love and
  • indication of your project budget (how much you will be spending on your project)

Following an initial consultation, we will be able to provide you with an MWa tailored fee proposal.   

To progress with your project, we will need a recent section 149 planning certificate from your local council (can be ordered on-line) and an architectural survey of your site, undertaken by a registered surveyor.  If you are able to organize this documentation, you will have made the first steps towards getting your renovation underway.

Please read through our Client Advice articles and download our MWa Information Pack which answers many initial questions prospective clients have about the typical architectural process of creating or updating a home.

“Thank you for your practical and honest advice.  60 minutes with you saved us weeks (and weeks) of work.”  Client feedback on an initial consultation.

To book an initial consultation, call 0421 008 110 or email us via our contact form or   $400+GST. 

As everyone seems so crazy busy, SATURDAY ON-SITE CONSULTATIONS AVAILABLE from MARCH 31ST 2019. 



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