MWa Celebrates 10 Years in Residential Architectural Design

residential architectural design

Residential architectural design: This year, MWa celebrates the milestone of 10 years of residential architectural design practice.

It is with a huge sense of satisfaction and pride that we reflect on all the changes we have made to “our” homes and the daily lives of our clients.

Our portfolio is showcased on our website gallery, but what photos can’t show are our portfolio of clients and their experience with their renovation journey with MWa.

Houses are usually our client’s largest financial asset.  Their homes are the incubators of family life, a place of comfort and refuge.  A sense of home plays a huge part in one’s wellbeing.

So its not a small undertaking to become a client and take the first steps in engaging MWa as their residential architect,  to be their agent of change.

So, benefit from our services, backed with our ten years of hard won experience:

Here’s what we do:

  • MWa design contemporary residential architecture for good living (reference to Robin Boyd – Living in Australia) and enduring value.
  • We bring practical experience, technical building knowledge and aesthetic judgement to the design and construction of your home.
  • Our design is tailored and individual, specific to your site, house, brief, budget and circumstances.
  • We provide a personal service, giving advice and guidance throughout the design, planning, approvals, documentation, tendering and building process.
  • We offer you complete control over all aspects of your project.
  • MWa’s unique sketch design process ensures you get the right strategy to maximise the opportunities of your site and home.
  • Our approach to “style” is to create spaces for comfortable living that suit contemporary notions of family, lifestyle and environment.
  • Documenting your project with MWa is the best way to manage your project costs.
  • We consider value not costs, in relation to your project budget.
  • Our fees are an investment in getting the best result and value for your building and renovation money.

Find out more about MWa’s qualifications & registration:






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