Mosman | Rear Addition



MWa’s featured animated 3Ds illustrate our recent design work on the Mosman Architect Renovations.

The original home is a freestanding two storey home with harbour views (see mosman-architect-renovations).

The Mosman architect renovations anticipate rear alterations and internal renovations to the home, to significantly improve natural light, northern sunshine access, indoor outdoor connection and generous family living space.

The existing pool will be enhanced with the addition of an outdoor spa, to provide relaxing outdoor enjoyment, year round.  The spa will be screened with a delicate timber slats, to provide a measure of privacy from the adjacent neighbouring properties and a measure of enclosure.

The upper floor of the home will renovated with a new family room, capitalising on its vantage and proximity to an existing upper floor deck to gain harbour views.  The new living room location is made possible by re-arranging the existing internal layout and relocating a bedroom within the existing floor area.  The existing upper floor deck provides a secondary outdoor space for the home, covered, private and with coveted water views.

Our 3D capabilities are the result of accurate CAD software and sketch up.  The results are design tools which aid in the understanding of both the external character and form, the interface with the existing dwelling, the interior spaces and the streetscape character of the Mosman architect alteration additions.

At MWa we use sketch up in our initial sketch design process, so clients have the benefits of visualising their homes at the very beginning of the manly architect alteration and additions process.  We also provide our clients with their own sketch up file, to explore at home and to show interested friends and family.

For more of MWa’s work, see the MWa Latest News Blog.

Type: Detached Dwelling, 1920s Federation, Mosman Architect Renovations

Location: Mosman, Sydney’s north shore.

Council: Mosman Council, Sydney