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Architectural Residential Construction: MWa Spring 2017

Architectural residential construction: MWa provide a comprehensive service during construction which incorporate traditional contract administration as well as design advisory and interior design development throughout the process.  Our role is to guide the client and the builder throughout the build and with a collaborative approach, ensure the best result on-site possible.

This spring, we have five amazing architectural residential alterations and additions projects under construction in Pymble, Gordon, Narrabeen, Fairlight and now Artarmon.

Residential construction is also soon to commence on our latest project in Mosman – a residential alteration and addition to an existing dwelling with significant interior works.

Take a look at some of these great images of architectural residential construction work on-site.

gordon on site construction

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MWa Celebrates 10 Years in Residential Architectural Design

residential architectural design

Residential architectural design: This year, MWa celebrates the milestone of 10 years of residential architectural design practice.

It is with a huge sense of satisfaction and pride that we reflect on all the changes we have made to “our” homes and the daily lives of our clients.

Our portfolio is showcased on our website gallery, but what photos can’t show are our portfolio of clients and their experience with their renovation journey with MWa.

Houses are usually our client’s largest financial asset.  Their homes are the incubators of family life, a place of comfort and refuge.  A sense of home plays a huge part in one’s wellbeing.

So its not a small undertaking to become a client and take the first steps in engaging MWa as their residential architectural design -er,  to be their agent of change.

So, benefit from our services, backed with our ten years of hard won experience:

Here’s what we do:

  • MWa design contemporary residential architecture for good living (reference to Robin Boyd – Living in Australia) and enduring value.
  • We bring practical experience, technical building knowledge and aesthetic judgement to the design and construction of your home.
  • Our design is tailored and individual, specific to your site, house, brief, budget and circumstances.
  • We provide a personal service, giving advice and guidance throughout the design, planning, approvals, documentation, tendering and building process.
  • We offer you complete control over all aspects of your project.
  • MWa’s unique sketch design process ensures you get the right strategy to maximise the opportunities of your site and home.
  • Our approach to “style” is to create spaces for comfortable living that suit contemporary notions of family, lifestyle and environment.
  • Documenting your project with MWa is the best way to manage your project costs.
  • We consider value not costs, in relation to your project budget.
  • Our fees are an investment in getting the best result and value for your building and renovation money.

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MWa SustainAble Architect – Sustainability Design Specialist

Sustainability Design Specialist

MWa Sustainable Architect: MWa are now a qualified SustainAbility Design Specialist,  having completed a recent masterclass with Australian Living and the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage.

In a global context, sustainability development goals are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity.

A sustainable architect and sustainable architecture seeks to minimise the negative environmental impact of buildings through conscious passive design, energy efficiency, choice of materials to minimise embodied energy and ongoing energy consumption, conservation of water and minimising waste.

To put the impact of architectural residential design into an Australian context:

  • 79% of NSW energy supply in 2016 was from coal (14% from renewable, 7% gas)
  • residential electricity use is responsible for 44% of all building emissions
  • the largest two uses of residential energy are space heating for air conditioning 40%, appliances 25% and water heating 23%.
  • a CSIRO 2014 report found that 5 star energy efficient homes cost less to run and build than compared with 3.5 to 4 star homes (The Evaluation of the 5-Star Energy Efficiency Standard for Residential Buildings_.

What does sustainability mean in terms of architectural residential design and MWa’s work as a sustainable architect?

Sustainable residential architecture is about creating your best home: healthy, efficient, comfortable and connected to community.

So while the overall objectives of sustainability are global, the benefits are local and as personal as the comfort of your own home and hip pocket.

And there’s plenty of effective measures you can take to really make a difference.

So, what to consider when renovating your property?

The following are 10 liveability house actions which will reduce the running costs of your home and increase comfort:

1 exploit the orientation of your property

2 create zones within your home

3 create lots of cross ventilation

4 choose the right building materials

5 use insulation (but allow some air flow to avoid mould)

6 optimize window glazing for solar heat gain in winter

7 use shading to glazing to prevent heat gain in summer

8 pick efficient devices (star ratings) including energy and water conservation appliances, heating and cooling devices, hot water, lighting

9 install a PV solar system (and you can even to do this without any upfront cost)

10 install a rainwater tank

Contact MWa to find out more about how we can help guide your renovation or new build.

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Interior Design: MWa Sneak Peak

pymble interior design

Interior Design: At MWa, we provide our clients with a comprehensive design services which includes the architecture, interior design and outdoor living spaces of their home.

The benefits of our MWa interior design service include:

  • a thorough and consistent design intent throughout the architecture and interiors of the home
  • an efficient detailed documentation process for tendering and construction
  • cost management of all items to be purchased and supplied by the client during construction
  • reliable, tried and tested MWa suppliers and sub contractors and
  • we pass on all of our trade discounts to our interior design and documentation clients, which add up to substantial savings (our way of offsetting the costs of our professional services)


Take a look at the sneak peak photos of our almost completed interior design of our 1930’s Pymble alteration and additions.


With a nod to the 1930s and lead by our client’s adventurous taste, the home features:

  • brass detailing in the kitchen and ensuite (joinery by MS Interiors, brass detailing by Property Techniques)
  • American Oak timber veneer
  • London Grey ceasarstone
  • urban brass tapware by Astra Walker
  • rainforest mural tiles by Di Lorenzo and
  • no less than four types of feature wallpaper by Cole & Son throughout the home

Consistent with the 1930s, this home also features interior design details of the era including the colours, wet area tile size and format, batten and board ceiling profile and construction, etched glass in joinery cupboard fronts to match existing decorative motifs.

The contemporary interior design details throughout the home include the new joinery in the library and for storage throughout the bedrooms and kids playroom and a resin floor – to satisfy the client desire for a low maintenance, durable, no-mess floor in the kitchen and dining – perfect for ease of living with young children.


Our 3D sketch up models of these spaces, side by side with our own site photos, show how effective our modelling capabilities are in the design process – in exploring and communicating design intent and detailing.


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